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 We are following all recommended local and national safety guidelines
The global pandemic has created more demand than capacity across all logistics networks. Delays continue to be prevalent due to shortages of containers and ship availability and made worse by port and rail congestion as well as overtaxed parcel networks. Given these delays, inventory may be subject to change, and I know that it is frustrating when we can’t tell you when something you need is going to be available. We share that frustration too. We will do our best to fulfill your order in a timely manner.

Holiday Hours:
November 24th CLOSE AT 1PM
November 25th & 26th CLOSED
November 29th OPEN
December 23rd CLOSE AT 1 PM
December 24th & 25th CLOSED
December 27th OPEN
December 30th CLOSE AT 1PM
December 31st, January 1st & January 2nd CLOSED
January 3rd OPEN

Regular Hours:
Monday-Friday9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
1st and 3rd Saturdays
Other Saturdays

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